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Pozé connects with SimPal.

One of the reasons I was excited to take on Pozé Studio was the opportunity to develop collaborations with projects that were helping people, places and animals in the UK.

I thought that t-shirts like Pozé’s were an ideal way of raising awareness for organisations with a cause. Maybe it’s something along the lines of ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’, but clothing can be a simple way of showing your support.

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris from the charity SimPal.

In short, SimPal provides free pre-paid SIM cards and mobile phones (when available) to those living with cancer. Speaking with Chris was incredibly interesting as he pointed out the unfortunate phenomenon of ‘cancer poverty’. Apart from everything else, the illness can be a very expensive burden. And often people are left without the simple (and fundamental) need of having access to a mobile phone. In our modern society, having a phone really is important.

It was really inspiring for me to hear from him and, after a few zoom calls, I started to make up some designs that would reflect the great work that SimPal do.

I decided that it would make sense to create some digital artwork for this collaboration. After all, the imagery of phones and SIM cards is a digital one.

At first, I was slightly stumped for inspiration. A SIM card isn’t the first thing that would spring to my mind when I pick up a pen. But, after looking more closely at SIM cards, I saw a kind of beauty in them. They have silver and gold veins running through them – a bit like leaves. And they connect people. That was enough for me. And I got to work.

I wanted to make some designs that were simple – like the service that SimPal provides – but that would bring a smile to people and maybe, make them take a second look. Putting flowers alongside and integrated with SIM cards isn’t something you see every day.

I think taking a second look is what SimPal is all about really. Cancer poverty is the kind of issue that might slip under the radar in our world of grand crises. Even more, the lack of a SIM card might seem even more innocuous. But this is the reality of poverty – lacking something that is taken for granted.

I hope the artwork in this Connect Series will be enjoyed by anyone who’s taken an interest in SimPal. Perhaps wearing their eye-catching t-shirts will spark up a conversation about cancer poverty and point someone new towards SimPal.

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