Personalised Maps

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Grunge Wall
brother and sister illustration

Memory Map Commissions

Lately, I've been working on a style of personalised commissions. They're completed on 12x16" paper with fine drawing pens. 

You have been able to provide me with a vision filled with plenty of beautiful images and details that I've been able to turn into something unique.

The idea has turned into a product that's a really great gift for someone.

Read more about the story behind Nadir's commission. 


Fantastical Portraits

I've always loved letting my imagination run wild when drawing. And now I'm offering   

commissions that will see you transported and transformed to magical worlds!

For fans of the Wizarding World who've always imagined themselves there, the wait is over.  I'd love to help create a fantastical portrait for anyone who believes in a little magic!

Grunge Wall


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Grunge Wall

Personalised Maps

I've been drawing stylised maps since I was a child.

Recent commissions have given me an opportunity to create some detailed and mythical maps that can be tailored to your own story.


They're completed on 12x16" paper with fine drawing pens. 

Read about Chris' "Mythical Kernow" map.