Our Story

Pozé was started by Paloma & Olivier Parkes, children of mixed English, French and African heritage. And so, the original Pozé collection was inspired by a host of cultures, art, music and current affairs.

Stemming from French Creole, 'Pozé' signifies the supreme form of stopping and slowing down. A feat too often forgotten in our fast-paced lives.


'Pozé zammi M', or 'Relax,  my friend.'



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Then, in 2019, Pozé was handed over to their good friend, Ben Hudson, who was excited to get his pen busy in creating new designs.


Ben wanted to make tees that carry a message. And so he set about developing links with charitable organisations.


So far he has created partnerships with Caring in Bristol, Bee the Change and SimPal.


Each of these charities has their own set of tees which have been hand-drawn and printed in Bristol by the LiveInkCo.


bumblebee art

But, as Ben began to take more commissions for hand-drawn illustrations, he decided to take the service online.                          


Penjamin now offers personalised commissions in his distinct style.



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