Our Causes

The main aim I had for Pozé was to make some meaningful partnerships with projects that were helping people, places and animals in the UK.

I thought that t-shirts like Pozé’s were an ideal way of raising awareness for organisations with a cause. Maybe it’s something along the lines of ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’, but clothing can be a simple way of showing your support. So I started to reach out to charity organisations in order to start two-way partnerships. I envisaged different series of artwork on tees, each corresponding to a particular cause. 

So far I've had the pleasure of connecting with three different charities - meeting (in person and digitally) lovely people and having some interesting conversations.  

The most recent connection I've been able to make is with Sim Pal. 

SimPal provides free pre-paid SIM cards and mobile phones to those living with cancer.  Mobile communication is a necessity not a luxury for people living with cancer. SimPal currently supports some of the most vulnerable people in society. Cancer Poverty affect everyone from families with young children living with cancer, to older people who have never used a mobile device previously. 

Following some great chats with Chris, SimPal's founder, we're proud to have a series of Pozé tees especially dedicated to raising awareness for Sim Pal. You can donate £1 of any purchase to this hardworking organisation. 

Read more about how Sim Pal is supporting people with cancer.

bumblebee art

Bee the Change is a project that I was very excited to learn more about.

This Bristol & Stroud based not-for-profit CIC us tackling the pollination crisis by connecting communities to nature through bee conservation. Creating nature-based communities, for the conservation of bees. 

The Bee the Change believe that we should guardian honeybees with respect and a priority for their health. This is rather than conventional keeping practises which exploit bees for their honey.

In this series of artwork I experimented with digital art - which allowed me to create images with the vivid colours that represent flower-seeking bees. And, of course, these tees can be purchased with a donation that goes towards the project.

Read more about how we can help save the bees.


The first charity I was lucky enough to have conversations with was Caring in Bristol. I had a series of pieces in mind - slightly wild Bristol landscapes - which I thought would be a great way of challenging peoples perceptions of the streets we walk everyday.

Caring in Bristol work in imaginative and creative ways with people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, with the public and community partners to bring about lasting change in Bristol and beyond.

They were happy to receive support from local businesses, and so the Pozé Bristol range was created. You can donate here to Caring in Bristol. And there's also an option to donate when you purchase a tee from the Bristol collection.